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      Last summer holiday, I visited to Xiamen with my parentsby plane. My English teacher once told us that Xiamen is a beautiful city that worth of visiting. We stayed there for four days. We lived in a small fishing village. On the first day, we visited to Xiamen University and Nanputuo Temple. Xiamen University is consideredas the most beautiful and romantic campus in China. Indeed, it's fantastic and its buildings are distinctive. On the second days, we enjoyed the scenery of Jimei District. On the third day, We visited to Gulangyu. It's amazing and I like it very much. There are many small specific stores. However, the huge tourist visitors make the small island crowed. Anyway, it was a pleasant trip.


      My long-awaited trip to Xiamen has finally begun!

      We're taking the bullet train. It's very fast. It's like flying. It's only six hours to Xiamen. However, sometimes I feel a shake a shake, really fun!

      After getting off the bus, we took a boat to Gulangyu. There are many kinds of snacks on Gulangyu. We had a Sanfan milk tea with sweet raisins, sour and sweet juice and almost tasteless coconut juice

      After eating the delicious food in Xiamen, we went to see the scenic spots. We came to the beach, where the sand was thick and crumpled, and it was very painful. As we walked to the left, we found that the sand was finer and the footprints were lighter. I picked up a lot of shells, the most fan-shaped, but they are different sizes, different colors, some with sharp corners! I want to go back to Hangzhou.


      Today, I got up early and got up at five! So that we can go to sunlit rock earlier, so as not to get too much sun.

      Sunlight rock is the highest point of kulangsu, but it is not high either. We climbed the hill, and the scenery of Xiamen was at a glance. Nearby, red houses are hidden in green trees; in the distance, the sea is endless. At the foot of the mountain, there are Hongyi master Memorial Park and Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall. I worshipped the Buddha statue and rode on the high horse, which was very dignified.

      After seeing the sunlight rock, we went to Shuzhuang garden and saw antique porcelain and five poison bottles. I heard that they can cure all kinds of diseases! There is also a piano museum in Shuzhuang garden. Gulangyu is also called Qindao. There are more than 200 pianos in the whole island. On average, more than ten families have one piano. The most attractive thing for children in the piano museum is a zigzag piano in the corner. Its keys are arranged at right angles, not in a straight line like an ordinary piano. There is a piano that can be used for both purposes. It can be played with feet. When a piece of paper with music score is placed in the specified position, it will automatically pop up wonderful music like a loom, but the music that is too difficult can only be played by hand. There are also several very good and expensive pianos in it. If you are a piano master, you will want to have such a piano very much.


      Today, we changed our house and stayed in Rujia hotel. With the room card, we went to the beach again. The sand there is thin and soft, we are running, can't wait to rush to the sea, think of the "small island" in front of us. But the deeper I go, the stronger I feel. I picked up a handful carefully. It turned out to be a lot of broken shells. I was very afraid of my feet being punctured, but I was in a dilemma. Our friends waved to us constantly on the "small island" in front of us. We moved carefully step by step. At last, when we were approaching, there were no broken shells.

      I was so excited that I ran to the island and splashed with water. Later, we had another "mud" fight. I grabbed a lot of sea mud and threw it on my friends. They all turned into clay figures. We had a lot of fun. After a while, we all became clay figures. Ha ha. When we went home, we harvested many more shells.


      After new year's Eve, the whole family to Xiamen. In Xiamen, we played Hulishan fortress, tzengtsu, Zhongshan Road, Silver Beach and Gulangyu Islet.

      Which I think is the most beautiful place is the Gulangyu Islet. On the island every wall and the yard all kinds of beautiful flowers flowers are blossoming open; tall banyan tree has two or three hundred years of history, flourish.

      I think the most interesting place is the silver beach, my sister and I in the beach sand pit, sand is still found two in the conch, crabs, playing for a while, we put them back home. Play tired, we will take a rest in the tent, eating things.

      When it comes to eating, I like the green mango in Xiamen. Although the outside and looked at the green, but inside it is yellow, eat one, ah! Sweet and sour, really thirst!

      Xiamen is a really fun place ah, I also want to do.

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