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      Good morning everyone . Today my topic is "Do you prefer to study and live in a big city or a small-one?".

      As we all know , there is a big differencebetween big cities and small cities .

      I prefer to study in the big city. BecauseI can learn a lot in the big city. Big cities have rich teaching resources.Here I can meet people all over the country. And I can learn about different cultures.I’ll have more opportunities in the big city.

      But I don’t like living in a big city. Itis true that big cities are economically developed which offers various jobopportunities and the traffic is very convenient. There are a lot of places forpublic entertainment such as parks, restaurants, museums, etc However, thereare still disadvantages. The cost of living here is high and it’s overpopulated.Besides, the air pollution and bad living environment should be considered .

      As for small cities, although the economy isnot very developed, the air is fresh, the environment is quiet and peaceful, andit is more comfortable to live in. So I prefer live in small cities whilestudying in big cities. So, that’s why I chose to attend college in a big city.But after graduation, I might go back to my hometown to find a job and livethere.

      That’s all, thank you.

      By Jinmin


      Hello everyone, today I want to discuss topicwith you: Should our fresh men live by themselves or live with others in thedifferent grades?

      Of course, different people have differentideas. Now, I will share my idea with you, which is that we should live with studentsin the same grade

      First,Freshmen can go to class together, to adapt tothe new teaching method and spend the free time together. Unlike high schoolwhich is busy, college life gives us a lot of spare time when everyone gather togetherin the dormitory to share the attitudes towards the new school and new teachers, discusstheir professional knowledge, and talk about the future plan of development. Itis very convenient to do these things if students in the same grade live in thesame dormitory.

      Second, freshman is so shy, not familiar with the surrounding environment.If living together with the seniors, they may be laughed at and bullied, butfreshmen living together can help each other to be familiar with thesurroundings. For example, we can go around the campus and find it so beautiful.Perhaps this is what high school students think of no fun, but freshmen arefull of curiosity, so I think the freshmen should live together.

      In conclusion, let us join hands together to create a good livingenvironment. The dormitory is also home to us. It needs our join efforts to letit become warm and harmonious. So, cherish our college life, cherish the collegefriendship.

      By Jinhuan

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